Service Agreement

This Lead Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of the purchase date of the Lead Order herein by and between Insurance lead master (“INSURANCE LEAD MASTER”), and the undersigned client (“You” or “Client”).


  1. Client Responsibilities: Client agrees to:

1.1          Client agrees to purchase leads from INSURANCE LEAD MASTER at a cost determined by INSURANCE LEAD MASTER, and

1.2          Client understands that he/she will not receive any future leads if credit card charges are declined or credit card transaction is not approved for any reason. If card declines, Client must pay balance before he/she receives more leads. See also Credit Card Charge-backs.

1.3          Client will provide information regarding the targeted lead areas/locations. INSURANCE LEAD MASTER will attempt to pull data within 100 kilometres radius of those areas/locations and advertise to the consumers in those areas/locations but may need to expand the parameters to satisfy the order.

1.4          Client understands that INSURANCE LEAD MASTER has no control over the demographics contained within the target area. Client assumes responsibility for analyzing the socioeconomic conditions and demographics within the area.               

1.5          Client understands that if a postal code is provided on the border of one or more provinces, it is the Client’s responsibility to let INSURANCE LEAD MASTER know if only 1 province is desired. This may be done in the “Order Notes” section of the order form.               

1.6          Client understands that INSURANCE LEAD MASTER has no control over lead/prospects behavior, attitude, conduct or level of interest in making their decisions. INSURANCE LEAD MASTER is not responsible if the lead/prospect changes their mind about the offerings.               

1.7          Client is responsible to safeguard lead/prospects personal information.               

1.8          Client understands that lead is not a sale but an opportunity to connect with prospects who are looking for information on simplified life insurance products mostly to cover for final expenses. INSURANCE LEAD MASTER does not guarantee any sales from any lead provided to the Client by INSURANCE LEAD MASTER.               

1.9          At no event will INSURANCE LEAD MASTER be liable to the CLIENT or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost business, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the conversion of or inability to convert the leads into sales.               

1.10        Client may not, under any circumstances, re-sell leads acquired from INSURANCE LEAD MASTER without written authorization.


  1. Order Cancellation: Client responsibility:               

2.1          Client must cancel any lead orders in writing (e-mail) before any work is performed by INSURANCE LEAD MASTER. Orders cancelled after the work has begun cannot be canceled. Cancelled orders may also be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% per lead ordered.               


  1. INSURANCE LEAD MASTER Responsibilities - INSURANCE LEAD MASTER agrees to:               

3.1          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER does not keep any Client personal data including but not limited to credit card numbers.               

3.2          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER will not resell or re-use the leads purchased by a Client. It is possible that some of the same leads could be generated from independent efforts.               

3.3          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER agrees never to sell or give Client information to third parties.               

3.4          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER agrees to process all Lead Orders in a timely manner. Leads generally start getting delivered to the Client between 1 to 48 hours of paying for the order.               

3.5          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER will transfer the lead to the Client as soon as the lead is generated.               


  1. Credit Card Charge-backs: Client agrees that:               

4.1          Completed lead orders are non-refundable.               

4.2          Should a credit card charge be reversed (“charge-back”), the Client will be given 2 business days to reverse the charge-back.               

4.3          Should the balance due not be paid and legal collections initiated, a penalty of twice (2x) the amount due will be added to the balance owed.


  1. Lead Replacement:               

5.1          INSURANCE LEAD MASTER will replace lead only on two conditions.               

5.2          If the lead is outside of the areas/locations ordered.               

5.3          If the lead is outside of the age range ordered.